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Welcome to my blog, PlexNof – Do More with Technology!

Well, Technology nowadays is everywhere i.e. Computers, Laptops, Smartphones, Internet, Latest gadgets, Social media etc, a long list of things which comprise the word “Technology”.

With so many devices and software, using them effectively in order to get the most out of them doesn’t seem easy.

Are you getting the most out of technology? It's such a huge part of our lives!

Don't miss out on all the exciting ways to use it.

With the latest advancements in Technology happening so fast, there must be knowledge resources which people like you can access in order to keep yourself updated and learn how to use them.

There a lot of blogs on the Internet about Technology but unfortunately most of them are either not so informative or are confusing and a bit hard for common people to understand their structure and articles.

  • PlexNof intends to address these issues.

With that problem in mind, I started “PlexNof” in order to provide Technology information in a simple way so that people like you can understand different Technology concepts easily, get new tech updates on a regular basis, resolve the issues they face and enjoy using technology products.

This way you can use the software products and Internet technologies available to your maximum benefit, and spend more time doing things you really enjoy.

People are now more encouraged to have their online presence through blogs, as the Internet presents a great chance to share their knowledge and thoughts about the topics they like with the world. 

I want to build an online community so that people can interact with each other on this blog & increase their knowledge.

I also benefit from it, as my knowledge also increases by doing research about new topics while writing new posts.

Technology helps us connect to friends and family, provides entertainment, makes it easy to find jobs, search information etc. To get the most out of it, it must be explained well, understood well so that more can be done.

That's why it is: PlexNof – Do More with Technology

This blog is related to Information Technology i.e the use of computers, mobile devices, software and other digital devices etc.

Tech geeks like to remain on top of latest developments; either to satisfy their cravings for technology, have an edge over others or take advantage of latest features to become more productive & ease their lives.

My main aim for writing blog posts is to learn & utilize Information Technology for the maximum benefit.

Instead of using difficult to understand technical language, we (me and other authors) try to create posts that are simple, easy to digest and interesting to readers.

As I will show you some of our posts below, you will get an idea of how they can be of help to you, by providing knowledge which can fulfill your quest for it and resolve issues and problems that you face.

We're passionate about providing you with the best Tech knowledge and help.

What’s Included In PlexNof

As I told you above that my blog is about Technology, so I have created categories for different topics which are mentioned below along with some of their posts. This will give you an idea about this blog's content:

  • Technology – This category presents some of the most interesting and popular technologies in use today. It includes information about USB, 3D Printing, AI, IoT etc, for example:

Detailed USB technology guide

  • Software – Different software like those used in computers, servers, and mobile devices provide communication & increase productivity. We also use them for entertainment purposes.

How Web Browser software works

  • Tutorials – This category presents posts which will let users accomplish tasks that help them to resolve their technology issues in day to day life.

Twitter tutorial for beginners with its powerful features

  • Networks Information about different networks like LAN, WAN and especially the Internet, the biggest network, is available here to help geeks learn more about them.

Computer network guide for beginners

About Me

My name is Ahmer Faraz and I've a great passion for Technology. I love to read Technology magazines, blogs, news & about new innovations etc.

How I started this blog is a bit interesting as I had no idea about blogging, and never thought about starting a blog. 

One day I was just surfing the net and found a piece of information related to blogging i.e what is blogging, how to blog and share information with the people.

It created interest in me to think if I can also blog about Technology & have my own online presence. This way I can help other people to make the most of Technology products and devices, by sharing the knowledge and expertise that I have gained.

But the problem was that I didn’t know anything about how to blog.

So I just started to find sites about the basics of blogging. These sites especially helped me to understand the basics of blogging and how to start it. I started to learn it and believe me, there are a lot of things to learn in order to blog effectively.

I spent a lot of time to learn it and after getting enough knowledge about how to create & launch a blog, I decided to start my own.

This way PlexNof was created. I am talking about December 2019.

I always value your time and opinions about this blog. Please share your opinions by using the contact information given below.


This blog is for strictly for consumers like individuals, home users etc so that they can increase their knowledge about the technology products they directly or indirectly use. It doesn't pertain to enterprises, corporate IT environments which are different in many ways than the consumer's technology usage. 

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