Comments are a staple for any blog as they make a blog thrive by having good interaction between authors and visitors. They help to build & grow the community of users who share a common interest, and grow their knowledge through discussions.

Comments make a difference between a site and a blog.

But the problem is that bloggers struggle to cope with the huge amount of comments received, which include a large number of bad comments.

In order to be able to effectively handle comments, bloggers need to have a proper comment policy on their blogs, apart from blocking spam comments through plugins.

A comment policy is a set of rules that define how to comment on a blog.

This way visitors to the blog will have an idea of how to comment on the blog so that they give valuable suggestions, feedback in order to have their comments approved & appear on the blog, sometimes helping others to solve their problems.


Following are the rules which must be followed to comment on, and are meant to provide an enjoyable experience for visitors of this blog:

1. Comment form must be filled with a proper, legitimate name and URL. The name must not be keyword stuffed that looks spammy as it will be deleted.

2. Comments having suspicious text, spam or malicious URLs will be edited or deleted.

3. Email addresses are must for posting a comment. They can be used by the blog owner to contact the commenter. These addresses are never given by us to any third parties or published anywhere.

4. In order to avoid the leakage of your personal information, never give your email address, phone number or any other personal information within a comment. This information will be deleted for the benefit of the commenter and he/she will be contacted through the given email address.

5. In order to have a better interaction through commenting, never use any offensive, rude or bad language. These comments will be edited or deleted by the administrator. In order to have a better blog community, be nice with your words.

Please abstain from using vulgar and sexually explicit language.

6. A comment which is not adding value to the conversation will be edited or deleted.

7. This blog will hold comments with more than two links for moderation, so it may delay the approval of your comment.  Any comments with more than four links can be marked as spam.

Also, don't put a link to your site in the comment area as a backlink. It will be removed.

8. Comment will always be replied back through a comment, instead of email or any other means.

9. If your comment doesn't appear after some time (1-2 business days) and it is a legitimate comment not violating this comment policy, it may have been marked spam erroneously. Inform us by clicking here so that it can be checked and approved.

10. If you disagree with any point in content, please try to mention it in a positive way instead of speaking negatively. Don't try to personally attack the blogger or any commenter. Please treat your fellow commenters with respect and abstain from insulting and harassing them.

These actions can result in blocked access.

11. Any comment which is presumed to be spam will be deleted because they only waste time and provide nothing valuable.

12. Comments which express a genuine but possibly controversial point of view are OK. Similarly, honest comments which express dismay or unhappiness are fine.

Comments intended mainly to provoke or incite other commenter are not good and may be removed by the moderator.

13. All comments should be in English for a better understanding of all users.

14. Trackbacks are also treated as per our comment policy.

15. The comment area is not the proper place to ask questions not related to that post. Instead, use our contact form to find an answer to your query.

16. The blog owner or other persons maintaining this blog, have the right to edit, delete, move, or mark as spam any comment. They can also block anyone from commenting or using this blog.

17. Only commenters are responsible for their comments. Blog owner or other persons maintaining this blog are not liable for any of the issues, damages or repercussions that may result from any of the comments posted by visitors of

18. Do not post any advertisements.

Although comments are really appreciated and welcomed by us, anyone who violates this comment policy will not be allowed to access or comment on this blog.

Contact Us

If there are any questions regarding this policy, you may contact us by clicking here.

Policy updated: 6th August, 2019