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Burned-out Tech Geek Guide

25+ Amazing Hacks!  
Save Time & Become More Productive Computer & Mobile User

I have written this 30+ pages guide so that Tech geeks like you can benefit - stop getting tired, fatigued - by suggesting different tips like:

  • Save time in web browsers by managing tabs efficiently, search words quickly etc. 
  • Use Portable applications to become more productive and mobile.
  • Use Cloud applications like Dropbox to work from anywhere. 
  • Save time by changing mouse, keyboard shortcuts, using two files, stop popups etc.
  • Abandon time wasting habits.
  • Keep checks on your productivity.
  • Use Bookmarks effectively.

These points are just an overview: download & read the book to explore these and other hacks in detail to speedup your Tech life and save energy & time for other important stuff.

Burned-Out Tech Geek Guide

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