In order to remain updated about any blog  -- new posts, features, products etc. -- the most important thing to do after subscribing is to make sure that you can receive emails from it.

Why Is It Required?

Many ISPs and Email service providers have implemented strong anti- spam filters and programs to filter out unsolicited email known as "spam". 

Due to huge volumes of spam being delivered on a daily basis through bulk emailing, their efforts to reduce spam are much appreciated.

But there is an issue -- sometimes these systems even catch legitimate emails resulting in "False Positives" -- and these useful emails are blocked as spam.


In order to keep on receiving important emails that matter & avoid searching for them in the spam folder (or junk folder), it is always recommended to whitelist the sender's email address i.e add it your address book.

Doing it will result in educating the spam filters not to block these useful email addresses. In this way, you are telling them that the sender is one of your friends, colleagues, any reputable blog or anyone whom you trust.

As a result, these systems learn to adjust their spam algorithms and useful emails keep flowing into the right places.

Whitelisting In Popular Email Programs

Following are some of the most popular web-based email services used by people worldwide. Methods to whitelist email senders in these programs are listed below:

1. Gmail

In your Gmail Inbox, hover over any contact that you want to add to your address book and click on "Add to Contacts" in the resulting popup box, as shown below:

Gmail Whitelist

2. Yahoo Mail

In the case of Yahoo mail, you need to open the address book by clicking on "Contacts" in the upper right corner, as shown below:

Yahoo Whitelist

Now click on "New Contact"

Yahoo Whitelist 2

Add new contact by filling out First Name, Last Name and Email. Click "Save" in the end.

Yahoo Whitelist 3

3. Microsoft Outlook/Hotmail

As far as Microsoft Outlook is concerned (which is also the old Hotmail), the option to add sender to address book is given in the menu of each email. 

Just open the required email, click on the three dots on the right side and then select "Add to Safe senders". That's it.

MS Outlook Whitelist

These are the methods to whitelist your required senders so that messages from them keep coming in your inbox instead of landing in the spam folder.

If you use any other email program, please check the help in that software to add email addresses to the address book.